The Virtual Marketing Director is an innovation in the marketing space offered by Alpha Rise Consulting. The concept is simple—instead of hiring a Marketing Director or adding additional staff members to your marketing team or department, you can simply outsource your entire marketing operations to Alpha Rise Consulting as your Virtual Marketing Director. For much less than you would spend on payroll for a Marketing Director, you can retain Alpha Rise Consulting as your Virtual Marketing Director for a fair monthly fee and you will receive the following benefits:

  • Alpha Rise Consulting Will Execute the Complete Alpha Rise's Market Ascension Program for Your Company
  • Alpha Rise Consulting Will Prepare an Annual Marketing Plan
  • Alpha Rise Consulting Will Provide Your Company With Unlimited Marketing Consultations
  • Complete Agency Services (Alpha Rise Consulting will represent your company as its official “Marketing Director”)
  • Discounted Pricing Schedule on Fulfillment (vs. non-Virtual Marketing Director clients)

If you’re wondering how Alpha Rise can offer such a comprehensive and definitive service for so little up front cost to your business, it’s due to the unique financial arrangement we are able to operate under.

We call it paying for performance and the way it works is very simple:

If we make you money, we make money.
If we don’t make you money we don’t make money.

Pretty simple, right? We think so. In fact, it’s so simple we’re trying to figure out why you can’t get the same deal with any other ad or marketing agency you’ve ever dealt with.

We only have a few slots available for Idaho businesses and, because of the nature and power of this arrangement, we can only allow one company per industry niche to retain Alpha Rise Consulting as its Virtual Marketing Director.

If you would like to consult directly with the founder of Alpha Rise Consulting, Mark Rich, to see if you would be a good candidate for our Virtual Marketing Director service, simply contact us to schedule an appointment. Our phone number is (208) 994-5713 and our email address is We look forward to working with you!