There are particular phrases which, when used in your business’ marketing and advertising, essentially makes your company invisible to your prospects. I think you’d have to agree that it’s pretty difficult to get anyone to notice you in a meaningful way if you’re invisible! But how can you know if you’re using language that hides your company from your prospects?

Fortunately, Alpha Rise Consulting has specially crafted a marketing guide specifically designed to help you. In our marketing guide, titled “A Business Owner's Guide To Effective Marketing”, you’ll discover:

  • Why 95% of all marketing is as good as broken (possibly including yours – yikes!)
  • The 3 Profit-Stealing Phrases almost every business is using today (fix these & you’ll immediately see better results)
  • Three short tests to determine if your marketing and advertising is on life support
  • What the real goal of marketing should be (Hint: it involves making you LOTS of money!)
  • The 1 basic requirement to be successful marketing your business (some businesses don’t even know what they already have)
  • Why almost everyone is using marketing that’s essentially broken (those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat its mistakes)
  • The proven, simple - yet challenging - 5-step process to completely supercharge your company’s marketing message and take it straight to the bank

These are just a few of the things you’ll learn inside our special whitepaper, “A Business Owner's Guide To Effective Marketing”.

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We wish you success in all your endeavors and hope this guide helps you achieve that in some small way!


Mark J. Rich
Principal & Founder, Alpha Rise Consulting

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